Some good.

It was weekend again and time for our weekly escape. it was time to yet again dissolve into the streets of Ooty. These periodical getaways gives us momentary sense of freedom and a great relief from the dreariness and tedium of the school. As mother and son we make wacky duo; walking and running and driving and infinitely chatting through every lanes and byways of this pint-sized town. Our routine was always refuel, shop, market and food. It was the same drill today as well; however after the lunch my stomach was craving for some good tea, but it was a commodity-rare in  the school. So Velan and me walked up and down the lower bazaar and found a bakery which served tea as well. Since it was a bakery there was plenty of treats for Velan to order. And Velan would not let any chance pass. He wanted a piece of black forest cake. And only minutes ago we had had lunch, so I asked Velan that he may take the cake home and then eat it. There was an elderly gentleman sitting next to us, who engaged himself in a spritely conversation with Velan and in a jiffy he ordered a cake for Velan. He insisted he paid not only for Velan’s cake but also for my tea. My self respect would allow me to take such favours from a total stranger, so I tried to turn his offer down. Just then the woman who owned the place intruded and said “Mam, this is an old man wanting to do something good just for goodness sake, why don't you let him”.  It made sense so I let my self pride go, it was nice to be on the receiving side of an act of goodness. Sometimes you should just let good happen. Because after he paid and left, it felt good, really good. True to what Samwise Gamgee says in the Lord of the ring and I quote “There’s some good in this world, Mr.Frodo. And it is worth fighting for ”. So may the goodness prevail. And for my bit I bought a 1kg of Varkey biscuits as a gift for Sashi Anna, the cook in our school. Remember, what goes around will and should come around. Revel in the circle of giving and receiving. Bye.


Girl, it is so nice to read. You rediscovering yourself again. Happy and wish you more. And 'Good things always happen to good people'. Looking forward to read your next.

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